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Cancer Research Center (USAL/CSIC)

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Bioinformatics and Functional Genomic Group Cancer Research Center (CiC-IBMCC, CSIC/USAL) Campus Miguel de Unamuno s/n E37007 - Salamanca - SPAIN
The “APID group” corresponds to the Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics research group (Cancer Research Center, Salamanca, Spain), which has developed APID (Agile Protein Interaction DataAnalyzer), an interactive bioinformatic webtool that integrates and unifies in a common and comparative platform main currently known information about proteinprotein interactions (PPIs) following the PSIMI 2.5 standards. The analytical and integrative effort done in APID provides a focus only on experimentally validated protein-protein interactions coming from many different highthroughput or smallscale proteomic experiments. To build APID, we have done a special effort to find and register the specific publications that report each pairwise interaction and to properly identify the proteins that correspond to each interaction study, using in many cases double blast sequence identification.
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